Friday, March 27, 2009

Disneyland Resort College Program

So when I first heard that I had been accepted I was really excited but mainly because I finally had a job and knew what would be happening for the next couple of months. Now that I have talked to some people who have done the college program and have talked to a few people who will be doing the program with me I am actually excited for the opportunity. Never have I considered myself a "Disney Freak" as a lot of people I know are but I do think it would be awesome to work for a company built around (besides making money) making people feel special and magical.

Another thing that I am really excited about is I found out about half way through the program you have the opportunity to try and switch positions and while I think doing photography will be cool I would really love to have the experience of working in one of the hotels at the front desk.

All of you should be excited as well because this means that my blogs should be getting a whole lot more interesting since I will be working with the public once again and we all know how bright the majority of the public is :) and who knows maybe this time I will let someone take a picture of me in my embarrassing uniform.


Janelle said...

i just expect a Belle dress or at least if I come visit you... you get me in and take me on a behind the scenes tour ;)

yeah for a job!

Ashley said...

A picture of your awesome uniform is absolutely necessary. :)

beverly said...

I think I still have your Dunkin' Donuts hat.