Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sometimes shit happens

*Advisory, if you have a weak stomach you may not want to read this post*

This past week was my spring break which left me with a lot of free time on my hands. Not only did I work on my mad video game skills but I had Mitchell (the oldest of the 3 children I nanny for) over for a sleep over. When I went to return him on Wednesday after a really fun night his mom and I got to talking and decided on a last minute trip to Disneyland. We left Thursday night with the 3 kids and my 2 dogs. The plan was to drop off Tonka and Guinness at my moms house on the way to Disneyland and then I would pick them up in 2 weeks when I was back in town so that they wouldn't have to do a ton of traveling. So Mitchell (6) and Sophie (4) are in the very back row of the minivan, Olivia (2) is in the captain chair behind the driver and Chrissy and I are up front. Sophie and Olivia were asleep and Mitchell was watching a DVD. We had removed the other captain chair so that the dogs would have room to lay down. We had just passed into California driving by the state prison and were about 2.5 hours from my moms house when Chrissy and I hear what sounds like running water. We then hear from Mitchell "Liz's dog just peed on Sophie and it really stinks." We turn the lights on and Chrissy jumps into the back seat and yells for me to pull over. Tonka had just had liquid diarrhea poop all over sophie and the back of the van. Immediately Mitchell starts puking from the smell followed by Sophie and Chrissy. Chrissy takes the dog and goes over to the call box while I start ripping everything out of the back of the van that is covered in shit and getting the kids out so that they stop puking. I strip Sophies clothes off because she is covered head to toe in shit and can't stop puking from the smell on herself. So we are now 2 women on the side of the road across from the prison with 3 babies who are covered in shit and can't stop puking (one of which is naked) and a shitting dog. When Chrissy tells the operator this on the phone the operator responds with "So what is your emergency?" She then asks if she can call someone for us like a family member or friend but Chrissy asks for her to just send an officer so that no one pulls over to help us and so we don't get hit. While she is on the phone I crawl into the van and start cleaning up all the shit with baby wipes. Chrissy and I can't stop cracking up about the whole thing and are cracking jokes back and forth about shit. Now on the side of the road we have baby blakets, pillows, clothes, carseat liners, and shoes all covered in shit and unsalvageable. After using hundreds of baby wipes to wipe down the interior of the van and try to clean sophie off we finally have the van clean enough that the kids can get in without puking from the smell. The officers finally arrive sometime after we get the kids and dogs back in the van and cannot believe that we are laughing about it. One of the officers said that if it had been his wife she would have been in tears. Chrissy asks if they have any bags or anything for us to pack up all the shit covered stuff in and they proceed to pull out body bags. As she is trying to get everything in the body bags and the 2 officers are just standing there she asks if they are going to help at all. One of the officers picks something up and immediately starts dry heaving and says no. Everything is eventually packed into the body bags and the officers then say we have to take it with us to the rest area and throw it away there. That's right we stick the shit filled body bags into the back of the minivan and drive it to the rest stop a few miles down the road. I give all 3 kids baby wipes to hold over their noses so that they aren't smelling the shit as much as baby wipes. We eventually make it to my moms house and drop the dogs off and proceed on our way to Disneyland. The following day we take the van to get detailed and they do manage to get the smell out before we have to drive back to Arizona. We spend 4 lovely days in Anaheim going to Disneyland and California Adventure. We also go to a surprise birthday party for my sister and had a ton of fun drinking margaritas and playing rock band. All in all it was a very memorable trip but I don't think I would ever want to repeat it :)

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