Monday, February 23, 2009

An addition to our family

Your family has grown with the addition of a baby girl! She was born last night at 11:30 P.M. Malakai is a little over three years old now, and has been eagerly awaiting the baby's birth. Malakai holds and rocks the baby, and even feeds her with a bottle of pre-pumped breast milk or formula. Malakai is fascinated with the baby and tells everyone about her. You notice as the weeks go by that Malakai likes to imitate the baby's sounds and movements, and enjoys play-acting a baby role. He sometimes seems to be regressing and becoming more demanding and whiny, and less cooperative, but other times prides himself on being a competent older sibling.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A little catching up....

So I have been a bad blogger lately. I know all of you rush to your computers daily (sometimes hourly) awaiting my amazing blogs yet for the past month I have failed you all and for this I apologize. The last month has been kind of insane really. School is definitely in full swing at this point and after the first week of classes I had to do some reorganizing of my schedule.

First of all my Capoeira class was not really working for me. It gave me an intense workout but during the first class I managed to sprain my thumb and for all of you out there who know how accident prone I am, if I am already hurting myself in the first class then I should probably save face and drop it asap. So Capoeira was dropped and I added a HIp Hop music class which is now kicking my butt in new and exciting ways but also in ways that don't lead to me ending up in the ER.

Malakai is doing well. The program frustrates me to no end because it will give you a problem that has come up and a list of different things you can try and you have to choose one. My problem is that for many of the problems I would most likely choose two or three of the different solutions and it wont allow me to. Malakai is now 2 and a half years old and is starting preschool and is potty trained. I am also apparently pregnant once again but we are not telling Malakai this.

My belly dancing class is going fairly well. I still lack rhythm but am learning to jiggle with purpose and not be afraid of my hips. Nate and I went and saw a belly dance performance by my teacher last weekend and he was thoroughly impressed by her (she was miss world belly dancer or something like that) but then later when I got up and belly danced at Hubbly Bubbly he was not nearly as impressed. Incase you are wondering, yes there will be a recital, no you cannot come.

Yoga has brought some new and challenging tasks to me and shed some light on certain things. One of those things is while I learned to have amazing balance on my right foot while my left one was in a cast my left foot has no balancing ability whatsoever. Yoga generally leads to me falling over at least once but I have learned to fall so that I don't take anyone else out with me.

My Astronomy lab pretty much sucks. The instructor has this accent that is so annoying and listening to her talk makes me want to jam a pen into my brain. She is also someone who lacks public speaking skills so she stands up there twice as long as necessary generally saying "um..." a lot.

Tonka and Guinness are both doing well. They spend the majority of their days waiting for me to get home and take them to the dog park where they run around like a bunch of crazies and play with their friends. Guinness has a personality similar to the "special" kids at school in that he wants to be everyones friend and is rather annoying about it. He wants to be in everyones face and is always wanting everyone to play with him. Tonka is more the strong silent type. He loves to play once he gets to know a dog but is timid around anyone new. He is a bit like Lenny from Of Mice and Men in that he really likes the little little dogs but doesn't really know how to interact with them so he frequently tries to either swipe them or hump them. The little dogs are not fond of this. Tonka, also, has not mastered the workings of his turning radius or his breaks so he frequently tramples people and dogs.

Not to much else has been going on lately. My friend Jonathan came into town a few weeks ago before heading off to Cambodia again so we had a birthday party for him and Nate that lasted for a good 5 days and involved no one getting to bed before 5 am during that time. We have successfully caught up on sleep since them but are still trying to get rid of the rest of the beer. I currently have a sinus infection which is kicking my butt but hopefully it will pass quickly and I can get on with everything. If anyone knows of any companies that are hiring I am still in a great search for a job when I graduate but may decide to pursue law school in the fall if nothing else comes up. Hope everyone else is well.