Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grand Canyon

My classes were cancelled and I didn't have work on Wednesday so my friend Jonathan and I drove up to the Grand Canyon for the day. These are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

I was climbing the tree like a monkey!

Jonathan was a bit obsessed with the recycling cans so we took a picture with the last one

This was on our drive home. I thought this cloud looked like a Dinosaur :)

Puppies and Babies

The babies spent the night last week and Tonka and Guinness thought this was the greatest thing in the world because they got to drink the water out of the bathtub when the girls were in there. It was pretty funny because they both wanted to get in with the girls. I am so happy to know that both my boys get along so well with little kids (other than Tonka's tail occasionally hitting someone in the face).

Sophie, Olivia, Tonka, and Guinness

Sophie and Guinness

Tonka trying to get in the tub

Olivia being her cute self

Friday, April 17, 2009

RAAAAAAAAAAVE comes for a visit

My friend from high school, Rave, came for a visit for a few days. We were able to go to a spring training game and see the Dodgers play the Giants. Sadly my Dodgers lost but it was still an awesome game.

Rave rocking it at the game.

The game...kind of


Rave and I

Dani, Jonathan and Nate

Some pictures from the last month

For my birthday this year we had a murder mystery birthday party. It was a lot of fun and totally different. This is me with my giant cupcake that my friend Janelle made me. It was very tasty

Nate, Dani and I went to a wedding for Nate's coworker. It was a mormon wedding and Dani and I looked scandalous even though we tried to cover up.

Sophie and I at Ann's 30th surprise birthday party. Chrissy and I took the babies to Disneyland for their spring break which happened to work out so we could all go to the party :)

Thomas, Ann, and I playing rock band at the party. We could be like the Partridge family or something haha