Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Cupcake Activist

I know I have blogged about this wonderful girl before but right now she is running a contest and I get extra entries if I blog about her once more and her blog is one of my favorites so this is not a hard thing for me to do. She blogs about all the different cupcakeries that she finds and gives each one an overall rating. There are also recipes and suggestions for all things cupcake. So there is a link on the side but here is her blog if so all of you amazing people can learn about CUPCAKES!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Journey of an X Box

Friday, November 6, 2009

Early in the day I find out about the X Box sale and think little of it but as the night progresses the sale starts sounding better and better. I go to see The Men Who Stare At Goats at 9:10 with Kristen and Tony and discuss my X Box debacle with them since Tony owns one. After doing some research on my phone I realize that it is $199 with a $100 gift card thus making it only $100 and so my mind is made up. I will purchase an X Box so that I may someday be the proud owner of the game Rock Band. After the movie I confer with Kristen, Tony, and Kevin and decide that since it's already almost 11 it will only be an hour wait they decide to keep me company on my adventure

After arriving at Walmart I see no line and wonder if I could really be so luck. As I approach the store I see 2 people sitting on a bench and ask the almighty question "Is this the line?" I am quickly given a yes but then the horror strikes when informed that the sale does not start till 8 am. It is 11:20 pm at this point and I am faced with the difficult decision of deciding to stay and wait or abandoning my hopes of owning Rock Band. After much consideration and the realization that I have nothing to do the next day I come to the decision and tell Kristen "Yes, I will stay!" Kristen is unhappy with my decision as my fellow adventurers cannot or will not stay. After some convincing she concedes and runs off to Tony's house to procure me a sleeping bag. They return quickly and I am left to face my journey alone. Soon after they leave employees come out and hand us a list of all that is on sale and wish us luck. I start to ponder how I will fill my 8 hours. I have less than half a battery on my iPhone, my Nintendo DS for once is not in my purse, damn; I am also without a book as I have been trying to lighten my load, horrible idea now. I sit and stare out into the semi empty parking lot when an idea strikes me. I have pen and paper, I shall take it back old school and tell my tale as many before me have done. That brings me to this point. 12:29 pm. From here on out I will document more like a log than a journal entry and hopefully take you on the journey with me. The journey of an X Box 360

12:45 am After a brief introduction (I believe their names were Winsu, an asian man, and Shaniqua, a black woman) with the 2 people standing in line ahead of me we decide a game of go fish is in order. We play 2 games of go fish and one game of war. I win none of these.

1:19 am Our group is cold and hungry so they save my spot in line and I venture out to go get Wendy's. After arriving at Wendy's I realize they are closed and end up at Carls Jr. instead. During this entire time I am able to charge my cell phone and warm up in my truck. I arrive back with food in hand and everyone has their spirits lifted with the warm meal.

2:30 am Winsu (who has camped out for things many times before and is fully prepared for boredom) has brought his laptop full of movies. We end up watching The Ugly Truth which was hilarious and I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it. This kills a good 2 hours because at 2:57 am the amazing night manager at Walmart opens the doors and allows us to go inside and use the restroom.

4:00 am The movie ends and the next people in line finally arrive. A very nice couple who is buying a laptop for their college aged son. Slowly from this point on we get trickles of people coming in line behind us. We all have a sense of camaraderie in freezing outside together and I decide I think a snuggie is a great investment

6:45 am I return my sleeping bag to my truck and see about 30 people in line. The electronics manager comes out and starts handing out tickets for the items we wish to purchase. I decide to buy a laptop for my mom since she is long overdue for a new one and my Xbox.

7:00 am Walmart finally opens and we are able to form our line inside the electronics dept. of Walmart where it is significantly warmer. I start to get increasingly grumpy from this point on.

8:00 am They open the registers and I am able to make my purchase. One Xbox and one laptop both with warrantys. I spent so much that by the end of the day Wellsfargo called to make sure my credit card hadn't been stolen.

8:06 am I leave Walmart with my purchase's and drive home. My adventure was a success and now I must sleep.

I finally fall asleep around 10 am and sleep till about 4 at which point I am woken up by my oh so precious niece staring me right in the face telling me "hi lala hi, hi lala hi, (a kiss on my nose) shh lala seeping" At this point I get up and go online and find my Rockband on sale on the Walmart website for $99. I had to pay $8 in tax and $.97 in shipping but in a few days my rockband will be here and I will be rocking out rather happily :)

So that is the journey of my Xbox. It's one that if given the choice I feel I could totally do again but it would have to be something totally worth it. If anyone wants to come play Rockband in a few weeks let me know and we can have a party!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chinese Food

Kristen and I went out tonight for chinese food at Lettuce Wok N Roll and were finally able to catch up after not getting to talk for a week. At the end of our meal the customary fortune cookies came and I was once again frustrated with the fact that instead of a fortune I was once again greeted with words of advice or wisdom. "If you promise someone something, keep it." That is not a fortune but just words to live by. What happened to the fortunes? What am I supposed to add "in bed" to? Come on chinese fortune cookie people hop to it!