Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to school and more traveling (because being home is overrated)

So when I last left you I thought my traveling days were over. Little did I know that just 3 days after my return from Colorado I would be jumping on a plane to Louisiana (via Philadelphia). Thursday morning I received word that my Papa was in the hospital after having a stroke and decided that it would be a good idea to fly out to see him. I left Thursday night and arrived into New Orleans Friday morning. He is doing better now but they are still unsure what really is going on with his health. Hopefully soon they will be able to get him better. I was able to stay out there for a few days and visit with my extended family. It was really nice to see everyone since it had been a few months since I had been out there. I arrived back in Phoenix Wednesday morning (after missing my Tuesday afternoon flight). I spent the rest of Wednesday working and then went with my friend Janelle to the mall to pick up a few things for her wedding. Thursday I spent the day doing some much needed cleaning around my house. I also took my truck to have the damage appraised after her little accident a month ago. My battery decided it was going to die so I then had to take her to get a new battery. It seems like something is always going wrong with my poor girl. My friend Jonathan moved back to Arizona so Friday night we ended up having a bunch of people over at my house for a welcome back for him. It was really good to see all my friends again who I haven't seen lately since I have been gone so much. Saturday Lauren, my roommate Nate, his girlfriend Jen, and some of Jen's friends all went tubing down the Salt River. It was a lot of fun but the water was really yucky and by the end of the day I was so tired. The sun completely drained me of all energy even more than spending a day at the beach so Sunday I spent the day doing basically nothing. I read my book (Breaking Dawn the forth book in the Twilight saga) and laid around in anticipation for black Monday. Why is Monday black you may ask, well for me it meant another Semester at school. I spent Monday during the day working and then had class Monday night. Unfortunately for me Monday night I had a migraine and had to sit though a 3 hour lecture on the history of social thought while trying not to puke on the person sitting next to me. My professor is probably in her 80's and originally from Denmark so even had I not had a migraine I don't know how much I would have gotten from her lecture because her accent is so thick. My other classes are Hinduism, Justice Studies, and the sociology of Religion. My latter 3 are all online classes so we will have to wait and see how they go. This next weekend is Janelle and Jesse's wedding up in Sedona so my next post should be full of pictures but alas I don't really have any for this post. I am off to do some homework but I hope all is well with your world <3


beverly said...

Just remember, home is not just where you hang your hat. Home is where your heart (and in your case, your dogs)is, aka The Land of Gracious Living.

indiapaleale said...

Heck yes I am back! We are going to hang out alot more too. So get used to it.