Friday, June 13, 2008

A blog I came across....

So I found this blog devoted completely to cupcakes! This girl in Orange County goes to all the different cupcake places in the area and buys a ton of cupcakes and eats them giving her review. Here is the link so that anyone in the orange county area who wants to go and try some cupcakes knows where to go :) I have only read a few of the posts but I love it and now I want to make cupcakes


Janelle said...

Yeah for making me CUPCAKES when you wanted to make cupcakes..
I know they will be tasty tasty!
YEAH for blue and green cupcakes and gluing ribbon onto pots!

Anonymous said...

Send me some Liz....PLEASE!!!!!!

C'mon...I'm lonely and bored out here and I have nobody to make me cupcakes.


Ashley said...

I really want to go to all the places she writes looks yummy.