Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad blogging

My blogging skills have been less than par as of late but in my defense a lot has been going on. I will try to post everything asap but if not know that my life is not that exciting and you aren't missing too much.

Starting back from my last blog (I don't even really remember when that was) I have graduated, my brother got married, I moved to California, started working for Disney and gotten ill. You know me so lots of pictures if you are just patient and read on.

I wish I could show pictures of my graduation but alas I don't really have any. Others do but I have yet to get these so if you want to see pictures start harassing my sister or father because they are the only ones with them I believe. I attended both graduations (ASU and Liberal Arts and Sciences) and of the two I would have to say the latter was much more enjoyable. The ASU graduation had President Obama speaking so while he gave a very good speech it was not worth the pain and suffering I endured (blisters, peeing in a bush, etc.). My colleges graduation was pretty awesome in terms of a graduation. It was indoors for one, the speaker was just as good and it was much shorter. If you want to know all the agonizing details feel free to ask but for now I will leave you with I don't plan on attending any more graduations for myself, they aren't worth it.

Immediately following my graduation everyone (my mom, ann, matt, paige, granny, and thomas) jumped on a plane to go to Thomas' wedding up in Fresno. The plane ride was awful but that is a story for another day as well. We made it in time for the rehearsal that night and it was an amazing ceremony (short and to the point, my idea of a good wedding) the next day. Vanessa was gorgeous and I will admit that I did cry but can you really blame me? Paige was an adorable flower girl and did a great job walking down the aisle. The reception was a blast and other than the fact that it was so hot it couldn't have gone better. I only have pictures of the rehearsal but hopefully I will get some pictures of the wedding and reception eventually.

The following weekend my amazing friends in Arizona threw me a surprise going away party and it was so much fun to see everyone before I left. Kristen came the next day to help me pack up and move to California (what an great best friend). We filled both trucks but got 90% of my things back to California (man did I have a lot of stuff). Upon getting back to California I was diagnosed with Strep Throat and spent the next few days in bed. Last Thursday I started at Disney with lots of training and orientation Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Sunday I found out that I wouldn't start my OJT till the following weekend so I decided to make a trip back to Arizona to visit my babies and friends.

I am currently sitting in Arizona getting ready to drive back to California so that I can watch Paige in the morning and then run some errands before my training on Saturday. I have a whole other post full of everything Disney but that will have to wait for another time as I need to get on the road to California. I hope everything is going well for all of you who read my not so entertaining blog but thanks to my loyal readers :)


Ashley said...

I almost forgot about the strep haha. Thank you for blogging, finally. :)

beverly said...

where are the pictures?

Janelle said...

that was a fast recap of lizland...
i heart you.

Janelle said...

O yeah..
and I would like to PLEASE see G man with a Rat in his mouth photo!