Friday, October 24, 2008

ASU vs. USC and an appendectomy

While Kristen and I were in Arizona I get a call (well 3 actually) saying that Thomas was in the hospital and had his appendix out (only 15 years behind Ann and I). His scar is about half the size of mine and I am totally jealous. I had to drive Kristen back out to California the following weekend so I was trying to get tickets to the ASU vs. USC game. Unfortunately they were rather expensive to come by. Luckily my big brother has season tickets and was going to take me. With his recent surgery however Vanessa got substituted in for Tom and she was my date to the big game. We had a great time despite the devastating beating that ASU took (I am not going into the score...if you want to know look it up). I had my first bacon wrapped hot dog after the game which was a tasty treat.

P.S. Sorry there must have been a smudge on the lens that I didn't notice.

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