Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Winding down...

After some demanding from a few people *coughmomcough*  I am here with my second post.  Life has been winding down the last week.  2 weeks ago I came down with some horrible stomach disease that left me puking for about a week.  After that week was over I was so happy to be able to eat again, it was amazing.  Last weekend the babies came over for a slumber party which was a ton of fun but involved me getting very little sleep.  After I picked them up we went and played at the mall and then went to Chuck E Cheese for dinner.  We got home and set up Mitchell and Sophie's beds and got all snuggly as we watched Finding Nemo.  Tiny little Olivia somehow managed to hog my entire bed leaving very little room for me to be comfortable.  Sunday afternoon I took them home and then returned to my house to continue on the never ending saga of writing papers.  

Life has begun to wind down for me.  I finished writing the last of my papers yesterday and now all I have left is a group project on Thursday and then I am done for the semester!  I'm not entirely sure what I will do with all my free time now.  With no school and no work I have found myself beginning to be a bit bored during the day.  I am thinking for my next work endeavor I may try to become a bartender.  I am taking a summer school class in June to finish up my foreign language requirement so I am thinking of signing up to take the bartending class then also.  That's about it for me right now but I will keep you posted on the happenings of me!

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